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Night Creatures: Book 2

BOOK 2 IS LIVE! Click on the cover above and follow the link to purchase the book. Thanks for reading! 

I had hoped to have Book 3 ready to publish a month or so after Book 2, but those plans were derailed by the demands of my day job and the pressing need to eat and put food on the table. All this is to say, Book 3 will be released in Summer 2019! 

Night Creatures: Book 3

Dark Seduction: Part Two

After much delay, Dark Seduction: Part Two is finally complete! Thank you for your patience. The last six months has been a tiny bit nuts. Click on the book cover above for a description of the story and click on the “Get It” button to download the free story from the Prolific Works website.

A New Series...

I've outlined a concept for a sexy time-traveling series that I'm chomping at the bit to write, but want to get a few more Night Creatures books under my belt before I jump in. As of now, I'll be looking to start that one in the Summer.

About the Author

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I love flawed protagonists, women who (sometimes emotionally, sometimes physically) kick ass, and seductive (not strictly human) men that are wild in the sack. While strife and sex make my stories go-round, I’m a big fan of things working out for the best, and by the end of the series at least, a hard won HEA.


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