Night Creatures: Book 2

A Paranormal Romance.

Nisa’s house isn’t big enough for the both of them…

Nisa waited months for Arlo’s return, but when Shane, her underhanded husband, discovers Arlo in her bedroom, their reunion quickly sours. She promised to stay with Shane so that he wouldn’t tell the world about the Lycans, but with Arlo back in her life, she’s no longer sure she can hold up her end of the bargain.

Things get explosive as Arlo and Shane, living under the same roof, battle for Nisa’s affections, and Nisa works fast to establish the paternity of her unborn child. Will Nisa and Arlo’s passion survive? Or will Shane once again have his way?

One thing’s for sure. Staying with the love of her life means risking dire consequences—for Nisa and the Lycans alike.

*This book should be read after Night Creatures: Book 1